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You can't buy happiness. But you can always buy some tea, and this is kind of the same thing.



Ice cream for breakfast all day everyday. Papaya and raspberry dream nice kream, topped with mango, dragon fruit, fresh raspberries, banana and blueberries.

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Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.
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You will body check all the time. You will confirm that your thumb and middle finger still touch when you wrap them around your thigh, and when they cannot, you will feel ugly.
You will feel jealous of the people who are not going through recovery. You will scrutinise their goal weights and wonder how much lighter you would be if you hadn’t told someone. You will feel profoundly stupid.
You will go to weigh yourself and find that your parents have taken the scales away. You will estimate, then, using how far your stomach sticks out, and how many times your arms jiggle when you shake them.
You will begin to enjoy eating again. When you realise this, you will be overcome with a guilt so strong you will lie on the floor and cry for two hours. This will repeat at least once a week.
You will consider bulimia. You will stare into the toilet and stick two fingers down your throat and vomit nothing but your feelings up into the bowl. You will give up but never stop thinking about it.
You will absentmindedly touch your collarbones. When they begin to become less prominent, you will stare at yourself in the mirror and cry. Your parents think it is out of anger, but it is really out of grief.
You will recover, too, eventually. You will live. But first you have to die a hundred thousand times.

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I few weeks ago i was Waiting at the train station and out of nowhere I see this girl, she’d obviously been crying and hadn’t slept for a while. I tried not to stare but it was so strange because she had nothing with her. No phone, wallet, bag, anything. She sat down on the edge of the train tracks and kicked her shoes off, just as the train was about the pass she took a few steps back and started running towards the edge of the platform and that’s when I knew she was going to jump in front of the train. I panicked and stepped in front of her. I wasn’t just going to watch someone kill themselves. The train passed and she sat down on the ground all curled up and just cried. I sat down next to her and even though she was a complete stranger I felt like I knew her. I sat there and held her whilst she cried. I barely made out the words ‘why’d you stop me’ between sobs. I didnt know what to say and My reply, ‘because I know what you’re feeling. I sit here everyday wanting to jump aswell. But we can’t do that, we can’t give up on a life we haven’t even begun living yet. You’re so beautiful, you don’t deserve to be feeling like this. There is so much more out there, just hold in there.’  Today  saw the same girl, dressed nicely and with a smile on her face, she walked passed me and said. ‘thank you, I owe my life to you, a complete stranger… I’m slowly getting my life back in track. I start my new job today and I’ve left me abusive boyfriend. If you hadn’t of stopped me those weeks back i would  have never lived to see this beautiful day, thank you so much’ I couldn’t help letting a tear roll down my cheek as I watch her board her train and head off. There’s hope for everyone.


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That’s so… I have a new respect for strangers, never give up on life

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You give me hope in humanity